What Is Wholeness?

When some people hear the word “wholeness,” the immediate thought is that it must be connected to some kind of physical activity or diet.  At St Timothy, wholeness is all about being a disciple of Christ.

Jesus’ desire for his disciples is that we will be connected to God and experience life as a joy and a gift from God.  Due to many reasons, including sin, we fall away from God’s plan for wholeness and we fall out of balance.

Maybe we become physically unfit, maybe we need mental counseling, or maybe we spend more than we earn.  There are various reasons to fall away from wholeness.  This falling away can be individual as well as whole communities.

St Timothy’s prayer is that all those who come through it’s doors will find wholeness.  Our prayer is that where your life is out of alignment, you will find a ministry to help bring you back to wholeness.

In order to help, we have been focusing on a wholeness wheel as a visual guide.  The wheel helps show how we can become whole.  All of it is centered in our baptism and the grace found within its waters.  As we work toward wholeness, we focus on grace and forgiveness and move forward forgiven.  The wheel is found below.  Where can you find wholeness?

Wholeness Wheel

Wholeness Wheel

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