Baptism is a special day in the life of a Christian and St Timothy Lutheran Church would love to be the host site for that day.  We take the promises before God very seriously and would love to help you understand the importance of baptism. The pastor will gladly sit down with you and answer any questions you may have.

There are a few things to consider though before choosing St Timothy:

1. What worship service would you like the Baptism during?

For Lutherans, Baptism is an expression of the whole congregation.  The congregation is a witness to the parent’s/individual’s promises during Baptism.  The congregation also makes a promise during the service, namely to support and care for those being baptized and those requesting baptism.  The pastor does not generally perform private baptisms, except for true emergencies such as extreme sickness leading to possible death.

2. Have you contacted the church office regarding the date and filled out the necessary paperwork?

We generally ask for 2-3 weeks notice before any baptism.  We ask for information about those being baptized strictly for church records.  The baptismal form can be filled out below.

3. Have you picked sponsors?

Sponsors are the same as godparents.  Two people who will help shape the Christian life of the child/adult.  We generally ask that the sponsor be a Christian.

Baptismal Form: