Community Garden


IMG_1854The St. Timothy Lutheran Church Community Garden’s vision is a community outreach mission to provide opportunities for growing and having largely organic, fresh produce for people who might not otherwise have access to such opportunities, particularly low-income families.

Initially funded in 2014 with start-up funds from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Domestic Hunger Grants program, the group ran a pilot program in 2014 that produced an abundance of vegetables. In 2015, the project was funded for a second-round implementation level, and the group expanded their work to provide a total of nine raised beds. We’ve been planting and growing ever since then.

Anyone who wishes to grow fresh, organic produce for free is welcome to apply. Garden beds are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, with preference given to those who might not otherwise have such access to healthy food. In addition to the raised bed in the churchyard, a free water supply, tools for use in the garden, and seedlings will also be available at no cost to participants.

Three of the roughly 4’ x 4’ sections of the raised beds have been allocated for use by members of the congregation. The six remaining beds are reserved for non-members of the church, and that could be anyone in the surrounding communities. Participants can grow whatever produce they like, as long as they tend their section and take the responsibility to follow the garden rules. Anyone who is interested should call the church office at 585-243-4490 and leave their contact information to get a copy of the garden rules. Planting day is mid-May.