III in I Yoga is an independent group lead by Carol Williams, B.P.E., M.S., RYT and a member of St Timothy Lutheran Church focused on health and well-being where we respect all who walk in the door and expect the same among all students.

III in I Yoga…come integrate the body, mind, and spirit with others living life fully and joyfully in community.

There are three, year round, classes offered that address the skill sets and interests needed for the Being of the participants. These classes are taught at St. Timothy Lutheran Church unless otherwise noted.

(*)Suggested Free will offering of $10 accepted.

Ask about the yoga/Pilates multi-class pass card!

Class Schedule on Thursdays:

Basics: 9-10:30AM

Pre-Basics: 10:40-12PM

Basics Plus: 6-7:30PM

All the classes are infused with themes from experience with Iyengar influenced, Advanced Restorative and Triyoga yoga master teachers since 1997.

Basics Plus: Triyoga flow sequences, economy of effort, breath, hand mudras, with and without props in a relaxing atmosphere.

Basics: For mature adults and those new to yoga able to come to and from the floor with/without coaching, seeking strength, mini-flow sequences, and inner/outer alignment awareness.

Pre-Basics: For those new to yoga and/or with physical restrictions desiring self-reliance, balance, and social connections.

Wellness Skills that may be utilized include: yoga postures, stretches (individual and partner), breathing practices, restorative propping, meditation, vocal strengthening, prop resistance, and walking are integrated into the classes by a trained coach and yoga instructor. Ask about combination swim/yoga training for those ready to tackle water survival proficiency. Medical clearance by physician/health practitioner is recommended prior to participation and after injuries of any kind.

Therapeutic goal setting, private sessions, employer programs, restorative training, and fitness coaching is available. There are many ways to tailor an approach to become at EASE within the body called you. Just ask.

Contact Carol Williams, B.P.E., M.S., RYT at 585-727-2230 or leave a message at the church office 585-243-4490.

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