Pastor Justin Johnson (“PJ”) is a 2000 graduate of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia.  St Timothy is the second call for PJ.  His ministry background includes being a camp counselor for a day camp, volunteering in pre-schools/after schools, a youth worker, confirmation teacher, and has been a Youth and Family Pastor at Messiah Lutheran Church in Rochester, NY.  He also holds a degree in Sociology/Social Work from SUNY New Paltz.

PJ’s passion is for helping members live out the gifts that the Holy Spirit has bestowed on them.  He wants people to see how God is moving in their lives and how their lives have been transformed by the Cross of Christ.  Some of his favorite books of the Bible are: Amos, Ecclesiasties, Jonah, Proverbs, Acts, Ephesians, Matthew, and surprisingly- Revelation.

His other hobbies include watching movies, reading lots of books, playing video games, arguing theology, and is a self identified “nerd.”  He is an avid runner and exerciser.  He has published two books- Grace and Whisper.  He is happily married and has 1 cat.

One Response to Pastor

  1. Herman Bernhardt says:

    I listened to your new podcast site. Of course, you were commenting on the Koran burning situation. I agree with your comment. Have a blessed day. Herman

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