PJ and RIT

Last week, I notified the church council that I had been approached to consider a part time chaplain position to the Rochester Institute of Technology’s new Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry and that I was praying about moving forward with that position. St Timothy’s council fully supported this idea, questions were asked, and ultimately the council voted unanimously that this was a wonderful use of my time and a service that St Timothy would be willing to support.

I am pleased to write that, as of this morning, the offer has been extended my way, and I have accepted it. *Breathe* I am not leaving St Timothy *breathe* I want to make that really clear as it was the first question that came from the council.

What will be changed is my availability on Sunday evening and nine hours through the week, as the position is a twelve hour position and service at R.I.T. is on Sunday evening followed by dinner. During the interview, a potential schedule was drawn up, looking at a typical week, and the times lost by St Timothy will be Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon with a few hours some other day as my Fall schedule takes shape at St Timothy and as I assess the needs at R.I.T.

Should there be an emergency such as a hospitalization or an immediate need to visit from a member at St Timothy, there would be no change, except Sunday evening for approximately 2 hours. I have the ability to shape my time at R.I.T. along with my schedule. In that sense, for St Timothy, nothing will change. The only change would be the number of hours that I would have normally used in the office doing administration/paperwork.

The exciting thing is this is a new ministry built on the end of a previous ministry. The Lutheran Campus ministry at R.I.T. used to be a ministry partnered by the ELCA and Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The LCMS chose to leave the ministry a few years ago and the ELCA continued the ministry alone. Last year, the Episcopal church and the ELCA started discussing the possibility of coming together to do ministry together. After a year of talks and planning, this new ministry was formed. As the chaplain, I will get to be part of the ways this new ministry can take shape. One of the gifts in ministry I bring is my ability to create new ministries. The other gift is my heart for youth and young adult ministries. It was a natural fit.

So, as we move forward, please pray for both St Timothy and R.I.T and the ministries they provide. Pray for patience as change happens, pray for a Spirit of new life for both ministries, and pray for me as this is new grounds for my ministry. This is very exciting for all involved. The Spirit continues to move, it is a blessing that we can move with it.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Justin Johnson


PS- I really am not leaving St Timothy. I love you guys!

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Sermons for August 17 and August 10- The Silence of God and Who is God to You

These are the sermons for August 17th on the Silence of God and for August 10th on Who is God to You? Both of these sermons were recorded during our single summer service at 9AM. The second sermon starts at the 11:40 mark. We hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Sermons for Sunday July 27+July 20- On Hell and On Good and Evil

This week is a twofer due to the fact that PJ forgot to upload last week’s sermon.  The first sermon was preached on July 27th and the second on July 20th.  Both sermons are on the Gospel of Matthew with the first on hell and the second on good and evil.  The second sermon begins around the 18:20 spot, if you want to just hear that one.  Enjoy the sermons.



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Sermon for July 13, 2014- The Parable of the Sower

This is the sermon for Sunday July 13, 2014. This is on the Gospel of Matthew and the parable of the sower. It was recorded at our 9AM service.

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Sermon for July 6, 2014

This is the sermon for Sunday July 6, 2014. The topic is on why we do the things that we should not do using a simple everyday temptation as an example. We hope you enjoy the sermon.

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Sunday June 8 2014- Pentecost Sunday

This is the sermon for Sunday June 8, 2014.  It is Pentecost Sunday!  This week’s sermon looks at places the Holy Spirit may show up.

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Sermon for May 25, 2014

This is the sermon for Sunday May 25, 2014. It uses the text from 1st Peter. It was recorded at our second service.

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Good Shepherd Sunday May 11, 2014

This is the sermon for Good Shepherd Sunday on May 11, 2014. It was recorded at our 10:15 service. You are always welcome to join us on Sunday mornings for worship, but we thank you for listening digitally too. http://sttimothygeneseo.org

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Sermon for May 4th, 2014

This is the sermon for May 4th 2014 based on the Road to Emmaus narrative.  How are you making an impact?

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Lenten Repentance Part 3- Separation

This week, PJ takes a look at the woman at the well narrative and continues with the theme of places where we need repentance, but often don’t look at. This week’s topic- separation. He asks the question- What is the difference between a group that protests gay and lesbian funerals and an institution that decides they cannot be in relationship with another institution because they accept homosexuality?

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